healthcare communcations

Welcome to the IMCC Family Access Portal

The Iron Media Care Caller (IMCC) system is designed for video calling from family and friends directly to the bedside. A patient's family will now have the opportunity to see and speak with their loved ones using any personal computer with broadband internet access, even if the family is outside the country or the patient is restricted by their diagnosis. In effect, visiting hours will no longer be restricted to the hospital's designated hours, nor will a patient feel isolated in times when their loved ones are most needed. With the IMCC system, one-on-one interaction will provide maximum comfort and a broadened sence of security during a patient's stay. More personal than a simple telephone call, the IMCC will take a patient's stay to a whole new level of ease.


Please select the location of the patient or resident you would like to contact.


  • any computer or laptop
  • functional webcam and speakers
  • high-speed internet connection
  • Login and Password
  • recommended: usb headset


The IMCC is simple and easy to use.
Step 1: Select the appropriate facility from the drop down list and click "GO"
Step 2: When prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone, select "Allow"
Step 3: Enter the username and password supplied by the facilities staff.
Step 4: Click the "Place Call" button
Step 5: Once you are connected and can hear the patient, click the "Share My Video" button


    Please take the following steps BEFORE contacting support:
  • you are able to connect to the internet
  • you have the latest version of flash player
  • webcam is installed and functional
  • microphone/speakers or usb headset is installed and functional
  • contact support